How to log an exercise or activity?

Logging sports and activities is easy and fun in HeiaHeia. You can log your activities and edit previous entries on a computer or mobile device.

On a computer:

  1. Choose a sport or activity in the "Add activity"-button. The panel lists your top entries. HeiaHeia becomes faster and easier to use as it learns your favorites. If you can’t find your activity in the panel, click "Show all" and search for the activity. If you still can’t find your sport or activity, you can request for that sport or activity to be added to the list contact us in a ticket (right over corner) or email us at
  2. Liven up your entry with a note or a photo. Click Save to save the entry.

In the app:

  1. Tap the + icon in the home view > 2. Tap New entry > 3. Enter your data. Liven up your entry with a note or a photo.


  • Liven up your entries with photos and emojis. Add training photos by clicking Add image.
  • Make use of Notes, for example to write down your sets and sequence in the gym. The first sentence will be used as the headline for your entry.
  • You can also use Notes to share your training videos or a link to a YouTube or other video with your friends.
  • Make use of tags and stats. Create a new tag you can then track in stats. For example, tag different pairs of running shoes to track distance for each pair. Read more.
  • Sharing is optional. You can always edit an entry from public to private. Your HeiaHeia friends will no longer see that entry.

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