Changing or resetting your password

Changing your password

If you want to change the password of your HeiaHeia account, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your HeiaHeia account

2. Go to the upper right hand corner, click on "Account" and then "Settings".

3. Scroll down to "Password". Enter your old password and type your new desired password twice in respective fields.

4. Click "Save Changes" and your password is changed.

Resetting a forgotten password

To reset a forgotten password: 

1. Go to the front page (make sure you are logged out from any possible HeiaHeia accounts).

2. Click on "Login" on right hand upper corner and then "Forgot password?".


3. Enter the email address that you use for your HeiaHeia account. You will then receive a link in your email which you can use to change your password.

Please note:

If you are using Facebook login, you have to visit to change your password.

If you either wish to separate your account from your Facebook account, don't remember which email you are using, are stuck with multiple separate HeiaHeia accounts or have lost access to your email account, first go through the steps described here.

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