Creating a HeiaHeia account (web)

Learn how to create your own HeiaHeia account on computer. It's easy and free!

1. Go to and click on Sign up.

2. Enter your name and email address.  For the free version you don’t need to enter a sign up code. (If you have a code from your employer or organisation, enter it and you will be signed up as a Pro Version user. This is also free for you as a user).

3. Click on Create account.

4. You will receive an email from HeiaHeia for verifying your email address. Go to your email and confirm your email address. 

5. Create a password for your account, accept the terms of use and our privacy                         policy. Then click on create account.            

6. Optional: Upload a profile picture. You can do this also later. 

7. You can now start using the HeiaHeia service! 


Start by finding friends and by setting a wellbeing goal as well as targets for your weekly training, steps and sleep. Complete your profile and take a look at your account settings. See here for more detailed information. 


Welcome to the HeiaHeia family!