Changing the card view on your homepage (mobile)

You can choose which tracking card view you want to see on your homepage. Your own goals for training, steps, sleep or you vs. health recommendations.

Choose the most important card view for you and set this on the homepage of your HeiaHeia app. Here are the four options: 


1. Weekly exercise tracking: 

The purpose of this view is to show, how you are doing compared to some of the most common healthy lifestyle recommendations.

2.  My exercise target: 

This view shows your progress towards your own training goal. Add yourself a weekly exercise target and try to achieve it every week! 

3. Days over step target: 

From the step-view you will get a better picture on your steps taken - weekly and annually. Add yourself in Settings a step target and follow on how many days you are able to exceed your target. 

4. Nights over sleep target: 

Follow your sleeping hours weekly and annually. Set yourself a sleep target in hours and see  how many nights you got to sleep longer than your target. 


How to change the view?

-  Go to your profile -> Settings -> Home page card and tap on your favourite card.

- On the page My wellbeing: Tap on the question mark of the card -> Move card to home page. 


Other 3 cards will be placed on My wellbeing page. 


Read more about the cards:

- You vs. health recommendations

- My wellbeing page