Challenges and teams

Learn how to take part in HeiaHeia challenges, join teams, manage your team membership, create teams or leave a team.


1. HeiaHeia Challenges


Your employer or organization might offer you a chance to take part in a HeiaHeia challenge or campaign. Taking part is a great possibility for you to start paying more attention to your own wellbeing and activity as well as improving the wellbeing and team spirit of your community.

 Examples of different challenges:

  • An individual challenge: Set your weekly exercise target and try to reach your own goal every week. Exceeding oneself is the best reward! 
  • A community challenge: All participiants work for a common goal. For example, collecting steps and „walking" together around the world!
  • Team races: Teams are competing against one another for example in number of different wellness activities.

Very often your employee or organization rewards the community members for their activity or makes a donation to charity based on the challenge result. 

Participating often includes sharing some personal data, such as for example meeting your daily step target.

You can follow the progress of your organisation's challenge from the banner on the Communities and Friends page (s. picture below). 


How to participate?

For participating you need to allow taking part in rewarding programs, which are toggled on as a default setting. If you don't change this, you will automatically take part in the individual challenges.

However,  it is always your decision whether you want to participate in challenges and campaigns on individual level. If you don't want to share your individual achievements, your activities are still counted anonymously in common / team result. 

If you wish not to take part, you can turn off the function.

Mobile: Go to Account –> settings –> rewarding programs (under Privacy) –> toggle off 


Web: Click on your account (your name) –> settings – >participating in possible rewarding programs (under Privacy) –> click to turn off the program.

Näyttökuva 2021-4-28 kello 10.10.46
You can always turn the function on again if you wish! 

2. Teams 


If your employer or organization is launching a team race challenge and invites you to join, he/she usually creates the teams for the community.

- When signing up with an email invitation,  you will automatically join your team.

- When signing up with a code, you will be asked to pick up your team. Please ask your employer which team you should join.

In some cases teams are not created by the organisation, so the community members can set up their own teams.


Team types

There are 3 different team types: 

- Public team: All community members can join. 

- Closed team: Team is visible when browsing teams. Membership only by request. The request will be pending as long as the owner of the team accepts your request.  

- Private team: Team is not visible when browsing teams. Membership only by invititation. 


Managing teams


Tap on friends symbol in the bottom menu. 

1. Show teams: Tap on your team 

- Show members  to see the team members. 

- Chat with your team. You can send also fotos. 

-  Leave the team. 

-  Join the team (shows when not a team member).

2. Leave the community. You will leave the whole community, not just the team.  


The information you are able to see about teams depends on team type.

IMG_BA3DB5BDF927-1    IMG_01F98833C8D0-1


Click on My HeiaHeia -> choose your community. You will see the Company view. Click on Teams in the blue banner. 

1. My Teams 

By clicking the team you can see the members of your team and their activity. In addition, you can invite new members to the team, leave a team or chat with the team members and send fotos.

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2. Browse teams

Browse all teams in your community. Here you can also leave a team and join a new team (depending on team type). Private teams are not shown on the list. 

Näyttökuva 2021-4-28 kello 10.18.40

3. Create a team 

Create your own team. Give your team a name and a description if desired.

Choose the type of the team: 

- Public team: All community members can join. 

- Closed team: Team is visible when browsing teams. Membership only by request. 

- Private team: Team is not visible when browsing teams. Membership only by invititation. 

Teams you created show under My teams. Here you can also edit your team, chat or invite new members.  


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